The Importance Of Local Radio

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Local radio has an important place in society for a number of reasons. Of course people are interested in world and national news, but there's nothing more intriguing than what's going on in your own street.

There is an old newspaper proverb that says a penguin found in someone else's back yard is not really news. However, a penguin found in your neighbour's back yard is big news for you and your immediate neighbours.

People want to know what's happening in their town, especially if it has an impact on their lives, and nobody reports this news better than a local paper of local radio station.

Local newspapers provide in-depth coverage of the event. Yet in many places, they are a weekly affair, meaning the news will sit on the back burner for up to one week before it comes to light. Local radio, on the other hand, is current, is on air 24-hours-a-day, and is easily accessible.

Technological advances over the last ten years have also made radio even more accessible, with accompanying podcasts, websites, forums and social networking sites keeping listeners in the loop, whilst also giving them the chance to have their say quickly and easily.

Having your say is becoming increasingly important. Social networking websites, such as Facebook and Twitter allow people to air their opinions to the world wide web incredibly easily. Nothing is more gratifying than having your say on a local matter and getting involved with your community, which is exactly where local radio steps in.

Smaller audiences mean you are more likely to have your say on matters that mean most to you. And then, of course, there's the chance of becoming a local celebrity if your words strike a chord with the local community.

In the UK, community radio stations play a huge part in the function of local schools. Every winter, when the snow starts to fall and the country grinds to a halt, the first thing people do is switch on the radio and listen out to hear if their school is shut. It's a national institution as quintessentially British as fish and chips, queuing and complaining, and it's certainly not going away any time soon.

So next time you switch on the radio and you want to hear relevant news and find out about local events, remember to turn that dial to your local radio station.
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The Importance Of Local Radio

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This article was published on 2010/10/13