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On occasion when we have profound feelings about an issue we make our feelings known to our elected officials by publishing letters, joining the picket lines, and sometimes even marching in our thousands. RCAN keeps you in the know on matters that affect The American Red Cross and it’s ability to provide assistance to people in our communities, our nation, and around the world.

Public policy affects all of us including your local Chapter of The American Red Cross. Most policy modifications are positive but there are times when they affect the ability of your local Chapter to function effectively and provide the services people rely on. By joining RCAN you will be given the tools to guarantee that The American Red Cross has a voice in Congress, State Legislature, and in local governments.

The information provided to you by RCAN will allow you to add your voice to the ones of other RCAN members being heard in all levels of Government. RCAN members are encouraged to use their knowledge to fulfill three purposes in particular:

1. Advocate: As mentioned above you can let your elected officials (at all levels of Government) know what legislation affects services provided by The American Red Cross.

2. Educate: Inform your local government officials of what services The American Red Cross provide in your local area. Make certain they stay connected to the local community by letting them know what role local Chapters played in recent disasters and emergencies.

3. Cultivate: Adding to the above, show your elected representatives what role the local Chapter of The American Red Cross plays in the community by sending them invites to events such as blood drives, and fundraising events. Make sure that these government officials have a 24-hour contact number for your Chapter in case of an emergency.

However, there are numerous other ways you can contribute to The American Red Cross. Be on the lookout for blood drives, and other fundraising events. Donations of any type are also appreciated. These can range from clothes to cars. Donate today, and make a difference.

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This article was published on 2010/03/15